Dark Side of the Joon
I Heart My Boss All the Same.

Me: You shouldn’t use some obscure printing company you find online just because they’re the cheapest. The quality’s going to be shit.

My boss: How bad could it be? They’re just loading logos onto a folder.

Me: There are so many things they can do badly. Flimsy folders, ink that bleeds, poor centering -

My boss: It’ll be fine.

Me: I just think - 

My boss: ORDER AWAY!

Me: *sigh

2 weeks later

Assistant: The new folders came. There’s a big line down the side of the cover for some reason.

Me: It looks like they just printed out a PDF of the proof we sent them and photocopied it onto the folders.

My boss: We paid $300 for these folders!

Me: That’s not very much at all.

My boss: I expect them to be done properly for $300.

Me: That’s an unreasonable expectation. $300 is very cheap for this job.

My boss: This looks terrible! They just slapped it together! I could have done this on a desktop printer!

Me: Yah, it’s weird, I’m completely caught off guard by everything that is happening right now.

My boss: *blinks at me

Me: Shocked. Shocked and appalled.

My boss: I’m leaving for the day. 

Me: Also shocking.